UE4 crashing PC

My Pc keeps going into sleep mode when im in the middle of working on UE4… anyone else have this issue? and if so is there a setting i should tweek? or is it a bug. There does not seem to be a pattern, i could be baking lights, writing a blue print or building a level… it just happens randomly.

PC is running windows 10
8 core, plenty of graphics capability and RAM.

I cant find any conflicts…

any thoughts?


Well going to sleep mode is odd. You should check the event viewer, maybe it can shed some light.

Is it a laptop? sleep mode isn’t crashing, it would be something else like an OS setting or running out of power.

no its a desktop. it did it again just now, it goes into power save mode, if its not a known bug its probably something with my PC. its been doing some odd stuff of late. probably time for a total clean out.

What do you have your power settings set to? Energy saving or maximum performance?

It’s possible your power supply only barely covers enough to run things normally and that when you do something more intensive that requires more power then it’s hitting a limit and going to sleep

its possible you walk away for too long and your pc goes to sleep/screen saver …
i mean, its been a thing since early 1990’s … and earlier … so, like, maybe start there?
Inactive would be no user intervention (no mouse movements etc).

I cant see an issue there. and It make no difference if I have everything else turned off, no other software running etc. my power save settings are never turn off and never go to sleep at the moment, still does it.

Last night I had just unreal running. I was adding a bsp wall to block out a small scene, nothing heavy, and it went to sleep… :frowning: im saving every 5 minutes, but its still tedious. Im going to strip everything off the PC at the weekend, reinstall the OS and start a fresh.

Do you know your PC specs and power supply wattage?

Hmmmm, are we leading to “current load = beyond current ability” ? Like his CPU or RAM is on an “auto voltage” and its going beyond the ability of the power supply? Not saying its not a valid option there. Its actually a great idea.

What are the specs of the desktop ?

It might be the GPU is being pushed to use more power than it normally does, I’ve had a system where the PSU was only a little bit above what I needed for my hardware and eventually it started to restart when doing GPU intensive things and required me to replace it with a bigger PSU.