Ue4 crashing on startup

Recently every time i open the epic games launcher after it logs me in the launcher crashes
It has access through the firewall it is not blocked in the hosts file and i have i run in compatibility mode so i cant seem to fix this problem. please help?

Hi pokenath200,

Take a look at the workaround on this post.

If that doesn’t work, look through this post to see if any of the suggestions work for you. Then post back here.

Thanks for the help but i have tried what these posts have suggested but it still crashes

Follow the steps here to generate your Debug Logs. Then post them here.

here are the debug logs
link text

any new news?

Could you check and see if one of these dll exist on your PC for me?



Ran windows repair from tweaking.com and everything seems to be fixed, thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile: