UE4 Crashes when I try to open a project

I have recieved a project (from a dev) for which I am implementing audio. Everytime I try to load the project it crashes at about the same place. 96%. I have 8GB of ram. GTX1060 6GB. I’ve increased the pagefile size to 12GB. I have an addition 60GB available on my system SSD (where unreal is installed). The project was made on the same version of unreal (UE4.18.2) I have visual studio 2017 installed.

Log is attached link text

Any ideas guys?

You have some gigantic textures (Train 8192x8192) which makes your system run out of memory when building them. Try to increase the Pagefile size even more, but you should think of adding physical RAM (16GB or even 32GB) if you need to work with such large textures.