UE4 Crashes on Launch (on a laptop)

I realize my GPU is under the min requirements (GeForce 920m), but the program should at least launch, right?

I run the program and it starts the splashscreen and immediately crashes at 0%. Is this because of my card, or is there an issue somewhere else?

Hey Snowl0l-

Can you provide the callstack and log files from the crash for additional information? The callstack should appear in a separate window immediately following the crash and the log files can be found in the Project/Saved/Logs folder after the crash occurs.

There is no error message or anything like that. It’s like the process is just immediately terminated right as it starts.

And there are no project logs because I haven’t gotten the program open t make anything.

It’s not really giving me anything to work with. It tries to open and then just stops.

I just woke up and tried it and it worked no problem. Thanks!