UE4 Crashes on Blueprint Class Conversion


whenever I try to “convert selected components to blueprint class”, the components being a static mesh and a blueprint having static mesh or collision component to it, UE4 crashes.

Hi ,

  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project?
  • Can you post your crash logs and the callstack provided after the engine crashes? The crash logs can be found at \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs\
  • What steps are you taking that reproduce this on your end?
  • Are you on the most recent 4.9 hotfix? (4.9.2)
  • Is this limited to a specific blueprint?

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply, Here are the logs, I could not upload a .rar file for so I changed the extension to .txt, it will need to be changed back to .rar. Hope it’s not too cheeky since I’m not sure if it’s an upload restriction for security reasons or just failing packets because of ISP’s enormous issues I’m having.

Yes, it occurs also on a blank project with no additional content to it. OS is Windows 10.

-Open new blank project

-Delete (or not) all Outliner content

-Right click Content Browser, Create Basic Asset-> Blueprint Class-> Actor

-Drag Static Mesh (cube) and NewBlueprint into the scene

-Select NewBlueprint-> Edit Blueprint-> Open Blueprint Editor-> Add Component-> CustomMesh or StaticMesh (can either be left empty or referenced with a mesh) or Audio or Particle system… Wow did not realize it would do that with basically everything… didn’t test further components.

-Select Both entities

-Click Blueprints from the top menu

-Select "Convert Selected components to Blueprint Class

-Click on “Create Blueprint”

-Observe crash

Yes I’m on 4.9.2

No, it does that with Pawn as well, but not with character. Didn’t test further.

Also I don’t know if they are related but when I start UE4, since 4.9 I get two system error messages that do not seem to stop UE4 from running though:

The program can’t start because SDL2.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

The program can’t start because steam_api.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

the logs should be a .txt file that is located within your \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\ folder. Additionally, instead of a .rar please try a . file, it can be accepted by answerhub. If you upload the ., I will happily take a look.

No Prolem here they are

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-22943, to be assessed by the development staff.

Thanks for the support. I changed the question description to a more appropriate version.