UE4 crashes on any game: An Unreal Process has Crashed : EU4-EotU

when playing any game using UE4, i get the following message: An Unreal Process has Crashed : EU4-EotU. this just started occuring recently, and is never at the same time in a game. sometimes its 2 minutes into a game, sometimes up to an hour or longer into a game. but usually within the first 20 minutes. does anyone have any ideas how to stop this happening?

i havent changed anything on the pc, and the games were running perfectly fine until recently. i have a AMD FX 8350 processor, 16GB RAM, and a Radeon RX 570 graphics card. i run minimal processes in background.

it probably has nothing to do with the engine itself, its probably the games that your using or more likely your pc. is your pc and drivers all up to date and can your pc handle the games your trying to play from a hardware perspective? do you have a ton of processes running in the background? do you have other programs running that could be interfering? theres alot that could be an issue but this isnt really the place to get help for those kinds of things.

8 days no answer… starting to give up…