UE4 Crashes computer

Hi, When running UE4 some things will crash the whole computer. The computer powers down then starts back up again. When I run the play button. Sometimes its immediate sometimes it takes a couple second of walking around the demo games.

windows 7 ultimate
ue4 4.9
16gb ram
i5 Processor
240+120gb ssd
Nvidia 2gb 650 Ti

Hi kylestrong87,

This sounds like an overheating issue. Can you go download a temperature monitor and keep an eye on it while you run the engine?


Hello kylestrong87,

We haven’t heard from you in a while. Have you had a chance to try what mentioned? I agree with him thinking it may be an overheating issue. In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes.

Hey, guys thanks for the input. I have not had a chance to check temp yet. Been working in maya all week with no issues. Only crashes in ue4 while in the play mode to test. Will try something’s out this weekend like you suggested. Am I looking at temp on CPU or gpu? I’ve also blown out all dust on my fans and heat sinks in the whole pc.

It would be best to check all temps, just in case. It could be either one that is causing the problem.

Just wanted to keep y’all up too date. Ran the temperature monitor on the CPU never got hotter then 50C couldn’t get it too crash. Will try again this weekend. Thanks or the help!