UE4 crashes all the time

I’m new to UE4 but have used Unity extensively and been coding C++ for about six years. UE4 is garbage and just straight up crashes all the time. No warning, no dialog show up just straight up crashes and gives me a crash report. This happens when I sometimes compile something in Visual studio, when I delete something from my contents folder which is references in some blueprint or something else. Is this normal? How is the leading game engine this bad?

Crash after compiling could be a result of something related to your code. It should give you a crash report.

As for about deleting stuff, happened to me once, my project got messed up when I imported some animations they would not retarget nor i could delete them deleting them would cause crashes.

But that being said Unity feels more broken to be honest, I have to restart unity twice every time to get it stop throwing errors.

Crashes happen sadly I have lost a lot of work in the past but then again its what backups are for.