UE4 crashed when using newest version of IOS Tosemite


I just upgraded to the prating system Yosemite not even 30 minutes ago. Its crashes the engine I have a screen shot of the message. Unfortunately, I don’t remember how to get to the crashes log of Mac. If you need through please tell me how to locate them again. I will gladly send them. The two times it crashed I was clicking on the button in the upper left of the editor. To see the orthographic views. I asked a question last night. “Will unreal engine 4 work iif I upgraded to Yosemite”? The was yes it works great so I did.!
Thanks for your help and feedback
alt text

Note that I was using 4.3. It seems its not crashing in 4.5.1. when I go to orthographic views. I was using 4.3 because you still can’t hold the control button on the Mac to click on multiple things in 4.5 or 4.5.1. That help work flow.