UE4 crashed at 95% of load my project

Hello, I have bug with my UE4 project
I was make it longer that half of year.

Early all was work good without problems. I was change hardware. And update w7 to w10.
Early I was use 4.10,4.11,4.12, 4.13, 4.15 UE4 for my project. It was good.

New project was load and work good.
Some other projects (Kite Demo, Vehicle Game, some other) load and work good.

My project was crashed.
I was open it UE4_4.16. It crashed at 95%.
I was download UE4_4.15 and open my copy of project (it was good work month ago). But it was crashed at 95% too.
I was download UE4_4.13 and open my old backup copy of project (it was good working at this winter). It was crashed at 95% too.

Some time I have Windows’s Error message:
s-Isle - Unreal Editor. UE4Editor.exe - error software
Unknown software exception (0x00000001) in software adress 0x00007FFAE8AD9E08

Some time I haven’t windows’s error. I have “UE4 error report” open only.


Log file attached link text

Hardware : Video adapters: Nvidia GTX 650 and GTX 1050Ti. i5 7600, 8Gb RAM

Nvidia driver version 382.53 (win10 64bit)
Early was 364.51 (win7 8 64bit)

Hello, friends,

I was independently find the cause of the my problem.
It was defect of driver of graphic adapter.

I was delete new version (382) of driver, and install old version (375) . And problem was disappeared.

Now, I can load my project !!!

I decided to return to the site to my question. And write a solution to the problem. Maybe to some it will be very necessary.