UE4 crash when importing Alias via Datasmith

Hi , we have UE4 installed without launcher as it not allowed through our proxy server also we have the latest version of Alias 2021.3 installed but when importing a .wire file as a Dataprep import UE4 crashes with Unhandled Exception: 0xc06d007f

Any ideas of our problem?

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Same issue here, my college was able to import the wire file with data smith with no problem on his computer, but some how on mine it just crashes every time, even after I tried to reinstall Epic launcher and import a simple cube model wire file with a clean project.

error code is the same : Unhandled Exception: 0xc06d007f

Hello both,

I got another report where the user noticed crashed after update to 2021.3, it was previously working on 2019 and 2021.1.

There is a company break at the moment so will get dev to look into this as soon as they are back.

@GT_WarHorse, for future post on datasmith could you create them in the “Datasmith” discussion? https://forums.unrealengine.com/c/development-discussion/datasmith/


Thanks Flavien, can confirm this issue is caused by the latest Alias update (possibly from Alias 2021.3) datasmith works again after I scrolled back to Alias 2021.2.2.

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