UE4 crash when i try to delete an object that is intersecting the terrain


UE4 crashes all the time when i try to delete an object that is intersecting the terrain plane.
What can i do?
i attached the log file.
Can you see the bug?
link text

Hi diamond,

What version of the editor are you currently using? Can you reproduce this in a clean project with no additional content or does this occur only in one project?

i use version 4.7.1. i will try this in a clean project.

No it does not occure in another project.

Is it specific to a particular mesh or is it any mesh you use in that project?

yeah, i tried that. it only occurs with one specific mesh.

Is it a mesh you imported or one from the starter content?

it is a mesh i imported.

So what am i supposed to do? Any solution on that?

Can you upload a copy of the asset here so i can take a look? Additionally, does the editor crash if you attempt to open the mesh in the static mesh editor?

No, the editor does not crash in that case. What should i do? Delete from the folder?

I would delete the actor and try re-importing it to see if it occurs with a completely fresh import of the static mesh. If not, please send me a copy of the .uasset if you are comfortable with this and I will take a look and see what may be occurring.

ok, i don’t know but maybe it has sth to do with memory usage.
I updated to the new UE4.
finally i have to invest in a 8GB mainboard i guess.
But somehow it is odd. This problem didnt occure before.
MAybe because i have now more objects in memory. lol
CouldnT there be a message that would tell me that i have run out of memory?

If you run task manager, how much of your ram and cpu are being used while running the editor? It is highly recommend to have a minimum of 8 GB RAM to run the editor, though it can run on lower specs we cannot guarantee it will work or that the experience will be as optimal as if you had 8GB. Can you post your dxdiag here so I can take a look?

link text

i use a AMD 280x GPU

task editor reported sth over 90%.

That is probably what is causing the error. After looking at your specs you are pretty far below our minimum recommended specs, located here:

While the editor may run, it may be reaching the limitations of your hardware. How many tris/polys is the mesh you are using and what is the resolution of the texture you’re using on it? How many copies of this mesh do you have in the level?

Am upgrading to 16gb.
Thanks for all the help.
i will give reply after running it again with it.