UE4 crash on launch

I have Windows 8.1 Intel HD Graphics 3000

If I run the launcher normally and click launch I get crash report UE4Editor-cmd.exe
If I run the launcher as administrator and click launch get crash report UE4Editor.exe

Will it run on my computer?

Hi Zooby,

This sounds like the known issue found here: Crash after launch with below min spec GPU - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

Could you please let us know if that resolves the issue?


Yes it did! :slight_smile:

(Although I did also download patch 2031074 before hand but that didn’t work).

Thankyou! What does that patch do exactly?

It works. The default scene a little jerky when I look round it though. I guess it’s designed for more powerful computers. Is there any way to turn down the quality maybe? I guess I’ll look round the settings.