UE4. Cover system help

I have begun creating a cover system inside of UE4. . I use a line trace to check for a physics object when the user presses the cover button, if a object is within range it sets a variable to be true that plays a animation, problem is that when the animation plays the player character no longer collides with the object and instead clips through till the animation is complete. How can i prevent this? I need the animation to run faster/slower depending on distance to object as well as stoping at the point of collision with the cover object. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As seen here: .

My player script:

My anim event graph:

My anim graphs:

to transition out of anim, playcoveranim variable is setto false and the transition out checks that playercoveranim is not true.

Is your cover animation using Root motion? If not, set it up. Normal animations only affect your skeletal mesh. It wont animate the collision volume with it causing mesh to clip through blockers. When you enable root motion, the collision volume of your character will also move along with the animation allowing it to stop the character mesh from going through objects Go through this doc

Thank you very much for the swift reply, Helps me out quite a bit.

Another quck question, This method does work BUT after the montage is done playing the character reverts back to the montage’s base pose. How can i get it to hold the final pose of the montage?