UE4 Compile Notifications using Philips Hue + Python

I seem to have a real problem keeping up to date on when hot compiles have completed. This can be a huge source of distraction since most compiles range from 7-40 seconds. This is a little too long to sit and wait and I tend to burn a lot of extra time watching cute kitten videos. Anyways, I made this to help keep me on track.

You can grab the code.

Very cool. I’ve got a couple of spare Hue bulbs that I’m not doing anything with as they’re not bright enough to use in the ceiling lights for my tastes, might have to give this a go.

I don’t generally have a problem with missing the compile finishing tho, as I almost always do a Build&Run (seldom doing things I can hot reload), so I know to tab back once the editor opens :slight_smile:

Michael Noland

I had the same issue, they seem to work better as accent/smart lighting rather than whole-room light. Get a few cheap lamps and obscure them from view :slight_smile: