UE4 Compatibility with Windows 7 32 bit.

Hello people,
I’m going to get a game engine next week, and I think UE4 is pretty cool.But I don’t know if it’ll be compatible with my PC. I’m planning on getting 4.4 or 4.5.


OS: Windows 7 Professional
Bit: 32
Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics

Does it support 32 bit or only 64 bit?


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  1. Your subscription gives you access to every current and future version of UE4.

  2. You might be able to use UE4 on a 32 bit machine however 32 bit architectures can only address a max of 4 GB of RAM which can be incredibly limiting.

  3. You didn’t specify what your exact GPU model was but it has to at least support DX10/OpenGL 3.3. If it does, it’s still a low end mobility GPU and probably wont fare well with the engine.

Intel HD GPUs have low performance, plus if it’s the HD 3000 then there are technical issues with it

We had a similar question a few days back, the UE4 editor won’t run or install on a 32-bit system unfortunately, you can play games made with UE4 but won’t be able to install the editor.

The only solution is to upgrade your windows version to 64-bit (as long as your hardware allows it, check your CPU specs), but even then you will want more ram as 4gb is below minimum spec’s, shown here:

A haswell pentium G with intel HD graphics of haswell series cannot run UE4

It runs but it takes 25 times longer to do things in it. I think on one occasion the program crashed aswell. For IGP you would need minimum of a i5 haswell CPU by my reckoning.

is coming in a bit late, but would appreciate advice. I’m on two machines, late 2013 Mac Pro, dual AMD Pro Graphics, 64 GB RAM, running UE4 on both 10.9.5 and in Bootcamp partition in Windows 8.1 (64-bit). Everything runs fine, though I can’t get it to output 3d using “-emulatestereo” in console. I thought I’d try on the PC side, i7-3770 K CPU @ 3.5 GHz, 32 GB RAM, running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), but on machine when I download/run the installer, Epic Games Launcher returns an error, "The application is unable to launch (0Xc000007b). Any reason why? Have I passed some limit on number of machines running UE4 for my license? Incompatibility? And more to the problem, any idea why on the Mac side I can’t get side-by-side 3d out? My understanding is a Mac running Windows out of Bootcamp is essentially a Windows machine at that point. Thanks for your help.

Hi there, there is no limit on the number of machines you can install UE4 on so that is not the at all. The only other required piece of software is the DirectX 2010 Redistributable pack from Microsoft, if you don’t already have it installed give that a try on the windows machine.

The Mac (and the PC if installing the DX pack doesn’t help) should be reported to AnswerHub - Bug Reports as Epic uses that site for tech support, they should be able to get everything up and running for you.


Thanks, I’ll try that on both systems, also move the rest of it to AnswerHub - Bug Reports. Many thanks.