UE4 Compass for FPS and TPS

Hi guys
This is my first project , its a simple compass shown in the desire location and size of the screen which show player the world orientation .you can use it for FPS and TPS for PC and android as i tested them both but it should work in all platform coz its blueprint but i only have PC and android to test it .

i will appreciate you guys to see your feedback if it look good or not as I am planning to raise it to the marketplace with the lowest price accepted by unreal marketplace team , if it get accepted i might put it free in the future if i raised another project to the marketplace .

To me it sounds like only 4 blueprint nodes. In my opinion you should make it a bit more advanced, different styles or behavior, It’s not much so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice and your comment , and yes i will add another compass to it and the developer already can change the texture of the compass with their own compass and you can change the transparency and the brightness of the compass , The compass is simple i don’t think you can make it complicated but it took me a lot of time to make it work so i think its for beginners rather than advance developers which they can make their own compass and i its my first project so it should be simple as my knowledge :slight_smile: .