UE4 Collider issues . (Invalid Transform)

Hi Guys, how are you doing! I am facing an issue regarding mesh collider. Details below.

So i have imported a full interior scene as a single mesh in UE4 , with separate mesh selected. What i needed was a hit detection on each wall , so that i can assign different tasks to each face like , changing color , material etc. So far i have assigned box collider to each individual wall mesh , and for most of them, it is working fine.

Issue rises with some meshes, about 5-7 meshes , the collision is not working and i am getting this error.
LogPhysics:Warning: AddBoxesToRigidActor: [/Game/Meshes/RedSeer/Walls/Wall_Walls_351.Wall_Walls_351] BoxElems[0] invalid or has invalid transform

So why this issue with some mesh only?, i have exported from Maya as a single fbx file. with history deleted and reset/freeze transforms.

Kindly help me out with pinpointing the issue or where i am doing it wrong.
I am posting an image for you to follow easily. looking forward to your replies.

Have you double checked that you’re using the UCX_ prefix and that the names match between the mesh/collision for those specific meshes?

Actually I have been trying to add the box simplified collision. It seems to work for some meshes but not for others. I am not able to figure out why so?

That may be an issue with the engine itself then. Have you posted this on answerhub? You will get better assistance from the staff there. Be sure to provide which engine version you are using.

I will do that. Thanks for the help!

Wish I could have been of more assistance. Hope it gets resolved swiftly! =)