UE4 Cloth simulation


After having spend more then a week trying to get cloth simulation in UE4 to work, I gave up. But I would like to ask some questions. But before that a small info about my setup:

Character mesh created in blender, skirt (a bit tight) also in blender. Everything imported in UE4.



And in UE4 cloth simulation:

Sorry for the picture, but UE4 doesn’t seem like the win snipped tool(Whiteout)

As you can see, the two physics bodies are reacting asymmetrically, one is addressing the painted vertices, the left one is addressing the unpainted vertices or a kind of. Furthermore, when running, the skirt penetrates the body mesh, and once that happens (basically immediately), everything is screwed up. Last but not least, the run animation just end up as a blurry blotch.

So finally my questions:

  • Is the UE4 cloth simulation useless for such an application (skits an thigh clothes in general)?
  • Is a professional animation achievable only by backing clothes in animation?
  • If so, how does blend from one cloth bake to another work?

Would be great if someone could help me out in this. Thanks for your help in advance.


Is this for a game or cinematic?

Hi Richard,

For now a PC game, but the final product will be an AR game, so release probably in 1 to 3 years. when AR glasses are ready :slight_smile:
I know that for an AR game I will have to reduce complexity an maybe use baked solutions. but in 2 to 3 years this may not be necessary anymore.
Right now I’m acquiring a knowledge base (getting a feeling) on what can be done and how.

OK, I was hoping it was for a cinematic in which case you would not have to simulate in real time.