UE4 classes or tutoring?

Hello! I’ve been teaching myself how to use UE4 for a couple months now. I love how much free content there is for beginners like me, be it videos or written tutorials, but I often find myself trying to learn one very specific concept and not quite getting the answers I need from these forums or the answerhub.

Is there a resource out there for people who want paid classes that would offer 1 on 1 instruction? I would be interested in either some sort of digital class (provided an instructor is involved that can communicate with you directly) or paid tutoring.

If there isn’t a good source for either of those things, would it be inappropriate to solicit paid tutoring on these forums? (I would take responsibility for any risk involved, obviously).

Thanks for your time.

Tesla offers paid tutoring -> Tesla Dev - YouTube :slight_smile:

Whilst these are not a live 1on1 training session with a teacher. They are presented in a structured lesson plan sort of way and you can often talk directly with other students working on the same course as you.

DigitalTutors Unreal Engine Tutorials:
3DMotive Build a Side-Scroller in UE4:
Community Tutorials for UE4:

I am trying to keep an updated list as i find new resource so please share any you find.

Another vote for Tesla, from me.

Hey hypersapien,

We also have a Wiki Page and our Official Documentation Page as resources for getting further/detailed information.

Unreal Engine Wiki:

Unreal Engine Documentation:

These two sources can give you some great insight on how to work with UE4!


Andrew Hurley

SilentX (Peter Newton) offers tutoring for $15 p/h!

I offer FREE books and projects for you to break apart! -

Thanks every one, I appreciate the great resources!

How do we contact tesla

-either over youtube
-or send him a pm: :slight_smile:

Thank you broham

Has anyone heard from Peter or Tesla lately? I reached out to both but haven’t heard back from either.

They’ve both been quiet recently, I guess they’re busy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there, if anyone is interested my company does unreal engine 4 training: