UE4 Character get-up animation not aligned with surface (Please help)

Hi! I have a question, I have a ragdoll system and whenever I go into ragdoll mode, I am able to get up again. My character has a montage with the get-up animations that play whenever my character wants to get up. The montage has a couple different animations so when the character is on his back it plays a animation of the character getting up from his back. It blends together quite well, however, when I try to get up on a slanted surface, my character glitches and he clips through the ground a bit since he can only get up on a horizontal surface correctly, if you try it on a slanted surface, it’s the same and he just clips through. I’ve heard to use a full body IK but I don’t want to do that. Is there an easy way I can align my character to the surface as he gets up? Thank you! I don’t know too much of how it works, since it was set up by someone else, and I’m not able to implement my own system. Help would be appreciated a lot.