UE4 Character Animator Wanted to Edit Actors & Animation for a Demo

Project Title:
Private Demo

We have created a near three minute cinematic in Unreal to be played before a technical demo presentation in the engine. We would like to have an animator go over the existing animations in the sequence for the characters and give them the final touches to make sure the action and quality are as good as can be.

The cameras have been laid out in sequencer, and although there might be some changes to when or what animations are used, or adjusting an angle of the camera, the timing in sequencer for each shot will remain. Mocap and animations working with the rigs will be provided. Some morphs for facial expressions may need to be created.

Team Name:
Roundfire, Inc

Team Structure**:**
Project Supervisor / VFX Producer
Project Management, VFX Production - 15 years

Creative Director
Technical and Creative direction on over 5 AAA projects for an International Publisher

(1) Rigger and (1) Programmer (C++)

Previous Work:
N/A - Scene is for a tech demo

Talent Required:
3D Character / Camera Animator (1)
The work is about 90% complete, we would like you to finish up on these tasks and have these requirements:

  • Smoothing out blends in movements of existing characters
  • Overall improvement to the quality of movement for the characters and 2-3 camera movements
  • Creating or editing morphs on existing characters (retargeting may or may not be needed). This would be for 1-2 characters
  • Tracking character movement along a ground plane with a camera in one shot (Shot is made, just needs to be cleaned up and tracked better and the feet need to interact with the ground better)
  • Be able to put in 1-3 dedicated days for the tasks and be willing to start immediately
  • Experienced and efficient
  • Experience with Perforce is a plus
  • Due to rendering and preview quality expected, please have a workstation that can render Epic quality cinematic previews in reasonable timeframes
  • 5+ years experience preferred; 3+ years experience is a MUST
  • Please send examples of past work

Competitive daily or weekly rate is offered and will be negotiated depending on experience. Looking to start someone this week. Thank you.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: abolden