UE4 Changes Since 4.4?

Hey guys,

I used to be huge on UE4 (still am) when it first launched, but then we had a baby girl and my life got taken over. Things are settling down a bit and I wanted to start making weekend games again. I’ve noticed some big C++ changes looking at the docs and it got me wondering, “What else has changed?”

Could some or one of you give me an outline of the major updates over the last 6-8 months?


There’s been a bunch of changes since 4.4. It might be easier for you just to skim through Epic’s release notes:

That’s a pretty big question :smiley:
I think the best way is when you just take a look at the release nodes → because many things have changed (new material blend modes, new tools, new features,…)

@ProlixLegend you are too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! I’ll do that today at lunch. In the meantime, are there like 3 BIG items that come immediately to your mind for me to salivate on until then? :slight_smile:

-new foliage tool + procedural foliage spawner + landscape grass node (for spawning grass)
-foliage shading blend mode in your material
-better rendering for foliage meshes placed with the foliage tool

I know, everything is about foliage, but those features are awesome! :smiley:

That is good news! Had some issues with large amounts of foliage last year.