UE4 Certified Education


I work in an University Center in Spain and I am the academic coordinador of a Game Design degree. I would like to introduce UE4 in our courses, but our teachers have almost no experience with this program (they expertise is Unity). ¿Does Unreal have any kind of formal and certified course (along the lines of Microsoft and Sun courses)? I know that you have an amazing amount of tutorials and other materials, but I am looking for a more structured course.

thank you!

If this existed then it would be the end of a ton of questions.

We are working on a curriculum/educator instructions right now! :slight_smile: Once they’re ready, you will see an announcement from us.

Will this be available in some form for those that self study?

That is not decided yet, but I’ll mention that self-studying people would like a learning plan like that.

very nice to know

This sounds brilliant!

What is the status of this?

I am a fellow Game Developer and independent lecturer and would also love to know more about and get involved in this planned UE4 certification program.

The competition seems to agree that there is a market for this:

Let’s reply to that in an Epic way :smiley:

Go on youtube, might be some good courses on there for you.

Just noticed this thread here. It might be of interest to some. There appears to be more and more schools and online studying programs opening up courses pertaining to Unreal Engine 4.

Like what schools bro