ue4 causes my gpu to heat up untill my system shuts itself off

win7 64bit
8gb ram
XFX HD-687A-ZHFC Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-Bit GDDR5 (HD-687A-ZHFC)

hello, i have a two part question;
part 1: is this a common problem? i can play around with ue4 for about 2 hours & then my screen goes blank & the system shuts down automatically. this has happened to me in the past, with the same card, before i sent it back to the manufacturer & they cleaned it (which i do myself now)

at that time i determined that the fan wasn’t working at all. yesterday i took the card apart & put a drop of machine oil in the fan motor. it seems to be working fine now, but apparently not well enough to keep the card cool while running ue4.

part 2: is there a way to ‘streamline’ the projects within their folders so that ue4 doesn’t need to load so much into ram? what i’m thinking is that you could possibly delete some of the unused files in the texture folder & maybe increase performance a bit.

also, the editor seems to spend a great deal of time compiling shaders. is there a way to disable that feature & only use my own props & shaders?


Do a GPU stress test. Maybe your video card has problems? Because I use a GTX 550ti and I do believe your card is better. So try that and also do Memtest for the hell of it.
And since you say your fan isn’t working correctly you should contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement. Also they might not have any in stock any more so you might get a better one! That is only if they will replace it and don’t have any more of that type.

thanks, 94
i’ll install speedfan tonight. it monitors the gpu temperature

Do remember the stress test though. Also you are not running UE4 on maximum settings are you? I made that mistake and it actually went black on me.
Hope everything works out. Now I’m going to watch Tom and Jerry while eating dinner. :slight_smile:

Sounds like an issue with your card, you might want to try switching manufacturers if this is a repeat issue. Your computer is shutting down to protect itself, your temps must have been going beyond the maximum recommended limits. Assuming you monitor them, what were you pushing at the time it shut down? You will also want to look into a custom fan profile, I had to do that for my GTX 660 because the factory fan profiles are pretty useless. I don’t really push past 70-73 C with everything set to Epic in realtime.

I usually manually switch my GPU fan to 95% (just in the AMD catalyst control center) when I’m going to be working on big things in UE4, it generally stays below any dangerous temps after that even with ambient temps being 30-40c.

95% is quite alot, I’ve heard pushing them too hard can cause them to break. My fans max at around 60-65% and can keep the temps at 70-73 C max when UE4 is stressed. AMD doesn’t allow for automatic fan profiles? I’d imagine doing them manual must be a hassle.

thanks everyone, i’ll consider buying a new gpu if xfx doesn’t replace the fan for free.

94 how do i change settings?

On the top bar of the viewport you can see a “settings” button - click on it - go to scalability settings - set them to low or high :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, that’s good to know! incidentally i think i might be in the market for a new graphics card entirely. this one has given me nothing but trouble since day one. anybody know a dependable one for cheap that will run ue4?

If XFX won’t help you out, you could try an ebay search for ‘75mm 2Pin PC fan 12v’ (check your fan matches). I replaced my old graphic card fans after similar problems for ~$2 each. They were delivered from China in 7-10 days as I recall. They are still going a year later in a friends PC.

tidycat4, If you do get a new car I suggest a Nvdia card. Not that I am against AMD but UE4 works better on them. Hope everything is working correctly.

I echo 94’s suggestion regarding Nvidia. I’ve used AMD cards in the past and they’ve given me nothing but trouble.

ordered a new fan from hong kong yesterday for $4. screw xfx, they should have replaced the fan when i sent the card back to them a year ago.

Well, hope that new fan works. If not I would go get a New Video card. Or demand that the Company gives you a replacement. EVGA was awesome and gave me a 550ti when me 9800 broke!
If you are going to buy a new Card… I once again say get a Nvidia. Personally I’m saving up money for a GTX Titan! :slight_smile:

Happens to me too on my laptop.
My laptop doesn’t meet minimum requirements to run UE4, so my computer gets overheated unless I put a cooling surface underneath it.
The cooling surface and minimum graphics on the UE4 Editor solves it…

I’d reccomend a new computer or laptop. It is possible you can be overstressing the hardware.