UE4 Categories Removed


I’m not sure where to ask this. Basically, around UE4 version 4.26.2, the devs removed the “category” function; you used to be able to organize project files into categories, and they’d be tidy and visible right when you launched the engine. Now, all project files are mashed together and totally unable to be organized. I’ve never tried to alter the UE4 engine code, but I assume I’d need to do that in order to make that category function possible again. Could someone help me with this?


Anyone know?


I have absolutely no idea what you’re referring to.

Please wait at least 4 days before bumping a thread

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UE project startup page for version 4.23.1:


UE project startup page for version 4.26.2:


oh, i’ve never used the launcher, probably not many people here who have, i’d guess. Perhaps digging around in whatever ini files or configuration it uses might show an answer?

you keep bumping this but it really doesn’t have anything to do with ‘engine source & github’, where most people probably aren’t using the launcher at all. You might try one of the more general subforums…