UE4 Car Render - Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Studio Shot

I’d like to show my latest work (personal project).
It’s studio shot of a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR.
Model made long time ago…
I decided to try Unreal Engine 4… I’m amazed of it’s power.
We’ve all seen beautiful interior visualizations, outside enviros, in game shots and of course newest Paragon Cinematic.
Here is my first attempt of creating something production quality in game engine.
All you see was rendered in UE4 and composed in After .
I’m still learning…
Enjoy and stay tuned for more.

Final Image (Resized)

Compositing Video

HiRes and Behance Link

Case Study - Overview of the project

Render Passes

UE4 Viewport Shots

Blueprint - Constructuion Script of Override Material

Car Paint Shader

Hi can you give a closer look at the car paint shader please as the nodes are too small to figure what they are, amazing results by the way!


Wow, it look fabulous !!!

eXcellent work here :smiley:

Somone did actualy spotted this thread.
Paint shader is based on this tutorial:

It takes some time to go through it, but it’s worth it. I belive there is package to buy in ue store.

pretty sexy. :slight_smile: great work.

Really awesome! makes me want to make a car now. For some reason the way the light is hitting the front fender makes it look like it has a dent.

Thanks for comments. I’m glad you guys like my work:D There will be more:D

Sorry for double posting, but I forgot to show you this:

Hello I was wondering how I would go about creating a Glass shader like the one you have used :smiley:

No way, no sorry :wink:

You should add this in your OP. Simply amazing work!

Thanks:) What’s OP?:slight_smile:

OP = Opening Post :slight_smile:

Amazing quality ! bravo
Love your glass shader too, mine totally don’t look like yours :frowning:

I like the way you animated the camera. It’s like a hand held camera movement. Great job! :slight_smile:

Found an old preview of GTR walkaround:)

Check first post to get your hands on this UE project:)

Could you reupload the project,please???

Please fix the download link!!!

There were no interest in the topic so I deleted file - i takes a lot of my server space.
Link will be activeted in an hour. So again for two weeks you can download the project. After that it’s gone.

BTW - there is no need to quote whole post;)

Thanks for your response man.
but the link still broken.

Tried three times - it works fine.