UE4 Car Render - BMW X5 E70

Another render I made in UE4. Check breakdown movie. Personal project:) Stay tuned for more!

That is great! :wink:
How many polys please ?

Thank you. Polycount is close to 4 mln. UE4 can handle even more:D (tested on 14mln)

Dang, another fabulous model :smiley:

Shared your work at my blog :slight_smile:

Raaaaaaaa Nice !! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Very nice!

Just in case you’re looking, are you aware that Tesla Motors are looking for a UE4 dev to work with them :)?


Very nice! =)

Epic, any chance you will be sharing the source for this.

very cool.

Yes please out this on the marketplace, I would but it in a heartbeat :smiley: