UE4 - Can´t use more than 5 textures per landscapes materials or grey patches appears, why?

Hi, i have read that a single material canot use more than 14 textures, in my case i canot use more than 10 textures, after this number, a grey patch appears in the landscape, this limits are not described in documentation do, i found it forums trying to understand the grey patch in ladscapes.

The problem is that 10 means i can only use 5… because each texture also requires a normal texture, then if i have a large landscape, painting becomes a very repetitive un-natural thing, becase i can only have 1 Grass, 1 rock, i ground, 1 wet and 1 dirt texture… and large landscapes look super fake now with this limitation because if you see a real landscape, even Grass has color variations.

What can i do?

This is the wrong forum for this question. Should be in the Rendering section.

But yes, there is a texture sampler limit per landscape component/section. You can get around that limit in your material by going to all of your Texture Sample nodes, and setting “Sampler Source” to Shared:Wrap .

I use a BP platform to configure material and texture nodes. I´m not asking about how to add a new texture or blend materials, but why the material BP canot handle using more than 10 textures or patches appear in the landscapes, that´s a BP communication problem, or BP limit issue not a rendering problem.