UE4 can only read CSV files generated from Ecxel running on english windows

If you export a CSV on an english windows, excel is using “,” as separators. If you do it on a german windows, excel is using “;” as saparators. UE4 can only read CSV files with “,” separators.

It’s confusing because in the docs is written you just need to export a CSV from Excel and import it in UE4, but you will get an error if you have not used an english version of windows.

UE4 should either get the language automatically or ask for what separator was used.

While Epic could make the csv separator configurable, this has less to do with Unreal and more with Excel.

To change the separator to a comma, see the following explanation:

I know about this workaround but changing the seperator there does not affet how excel is exporting CSV, the only working workaround is setting the language itself to english.

And thats laborious to do everytime and then set it back just to export a CSV. At the moment I just replace all ; with , in notepad++ since its the fastest workaround. But this thread should not be about workarounds but about letting Epic know that they have to fix this to support exported CSVs from other languages than english.

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Are you using an AZERTY keyboard? The reason I ask is because we have a known issue with AZERTY keyboards that are not properly recognizing certain characters, this may be one that should be added to the list of keys that are showing this error. This is in our system as UE-15894.

No, I am using a QWERTZ keyboard.

Excellent. I’ll check into this and get back to you once I have updated information available.

Oh sorry. I only had to do this once and never had any problems. However, I use a custom excel macro to export the sheets, so that’s probably the difference.

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I did some digging and have discovered that separator differences has been a significant problem with most programs dealing specifically with .CSV files, and that no suitable fix has been found thus far (as far as I was able to discover). I have entered a feature request to implement a Boolean check upon data table imports to copy a data table and convert all “;” separators to “,” separators, which should resolve the data table import errors while leaving the original data table unaffected by the changes. this is in our system as UE-21588.