UE4 calling Begin/End Overlap continiously


I’m facing a really weird issue.

UE4 collision begin overlap is calling, even when the object is inside collider, same as end overlap.
Ideally, “OnBeginOverlap” should only call, if the object enters within collision area, and OnEndOverlap" should only call , when object leaves the collision area.

I’ve attached the reference video. I’ve 2 collider, One on character ‘hand’ and other one is on ‘brown color sphere’ named “beans_pickable”.

OnBeginOverlap Events works perfectly, if it move my hand slowly…
on moving hand fast, it starts calling events, which it shouldn’t and the object is still inside the collider.

Keep in mind, i’m moving character’s hand using motion controller, HTC Vive.
(tried without motion controller on new project, its still happening , just with 2 cubes, and print on Events)
Let me know if you have any clue about whats going on here…



Edit : I did some testing on it , and figured out its not an issue, thats how UE4 works, It recalculate the collision after each tick on actors movement.
To test it , if it is missing any event or not, used a variable to count , increment that var on begin and decrement on endOverlap… end result is ZERO , ie, no event missing, and its calling both event on same time…
Unity doesn’t work this way , so I got confused…

here is the collision log