UE4 C++ without visual studio?

well there should be a way to use clang on windows, which is what is used on linux and mac versions… i just read an old tutorial that says you can install clang and change a setting in a .cs file and then rebuild the file or the engine and it’ll use clang

You can use clang by following that guide, I did it not 10 days ago.

i wish this was a possibility in the world of gaming, but for so long gaming, gaming engines they are built around, etc have done so much to pander to microsoft that its hard to use any other OS for gaming, and i wsh that would change

@Gwenn’s ‘Helium Rain’ was developed on Linux!
Be-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-world or not…

There is a Company called JetBrains.
They realy make great Software for Developers. Their strongest product is IntelliJ (a Java / JS IDE) They use the core of that IDE for almoast all of their products.

One of them is CLion ( Intelligent Coding Assistance & Code Analysis - Features | CLion ) which is an C/C++ IDE and it supports MS Visual C++ and CMAKE Projects.
Some time ago I got my UE4 Project working with CLion on Windows. But at that time it hat strong performance issues with the Unreal Source base… Maybe it is better now…
Since UE4.19 the CLion integration is right built into UE4 as well (previously there was an external Plugfin, but I red that it is not working right now but I am not sure…)

Another Jetbrains Product is Resharper C++ ( Features - ReSharper C++ ) which is a Plugin for Visual Studio which brings the Shortcuts and Functionalities of CLion into Visual Studio. It is kinda like Visual Assist X.

Otherwise I also red that some people got the QtCreator working with UE4…

VS (intellisense disabled) + visual assist is extremely powerful for working with huge projects like unreal, way better than any other IDEs I’ve seen yet. What were you going to use instead?

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is there any way to just keep this troll off threads started by me? he’s clearly just here to stir ■■■■ and id rather not deal with it

I’m going to chime in here and agree with @burntbyhellfire , that guy for some reason likes to insult people. He is a Troll. More often than not his posts are aimed at insulting people than actually adding knowledge to the forums or helping. Sorry for derailing the discussion.

Yep, he is not just being a troll, toxic and offensive here but in other threads as well…

well, to get back on topic what id like to see in the gaming community is an engine thats natively cross platform… i dont mean the ability to package a game for a different system or partial WIP integration of things like vulkan… id like to see something that focuses on cross platform tools of which visual studio is not, and though i doubt unreal will do it, but more of a focus in vulkan API over directx would be great too… im actually pretty interested in the source 2 engine if its every actually released as it uses lua scripting and vulkan by default and im pretty sure an open source C++ compiler as well

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that would be awesome if Unreal would support building with/from VS Code . doesn’t it have the same build functions as VS ?


You can use VSCode now, all you need is VS Build Tools installed, then make sure you have “Visual Studio Code Integration” UE Built-in plugin loaded, then Preferences\General - Source Code\Accessor\Visual Studio Code and File\Generate ... Thank you Epic .


I’m glad to see your answer.i spent a lot of time to find a way creat new c++ project whitout VS2019 installed.please be more detailed。how can i install the VS Build Tools,and how to set?
i’ll be deeply grateful。

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You can build using VS Code now :slight_smile:

Unsure about Clang however, most likely not ​​​​​​​

If you’re on Windows you could try out Rider for Unreal Engine, developed by JetBrains. You can find a public preview here:

I just tried it and holy smoke that just changed my life. Lightning fast.

Earlier this year I asked JetBrains if they could add support for Unreal’s Slate code syntax…
They said they will keep track on that idea; if they manage to do it then I will use it forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Visual Studio isn’t very good to write Slate code because of the weird overloaded operators.

I use linux but cant make c++project in unreal engine but I can create blueprint project can you help me please

Which version of ureal are you using?
First the new project wizard can you make a new c++ project. If you are on UE5 you could follow this method to setup ide for your project. (check here)
If you are on UE4 there are some difference. On UE4 by opening a console from the project folder you can compile the project by giving command
$ make ProjectNameEditor
#(where prjectname is your project name)