UE4 C++ without visual studio?

Earlier this year I asked JetBrains if they could add support for Unreal’s Slate code syntax…
They said they will keep track on that idea; if they manage to do it then I will use it forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Visual Studio isn’t very good to write Slate code because of the weird overloaded operators.

I use linux but cant make c++project in unreal engine but I can create blueprint project can you help me please

Which version of ureal are you using?
First the new project wizard can you make a new c++ project. If you are on UE5 you could follow this method to setup ide for your project. (check here)
If you are on UE4 there are some difference. On UE4 by opening a console from the project folder you can compile the project by giving command
$ make ProjectNameEditor
#(where prjectname is your project name)