UE4 C++ Programmer | Project Milsim(Military Simulation)

**Position: Programmer(C++)

Employment Type: Permanent

Location: Remote
About the Project:**

Project Milsim is an Entry in the realism-based, military tactical shooter genre focused on Hardcore Gameplay build towards a Core Gamer Audience. The game is built upon a Commander -> System which puts the power of the Szenario in the Commander’s hands. The commander lays out a mission that provides assets and builds up the scenario including friendly and Hostile forces for which he will have access to in realtime which include placing units, Vehicles, modules, and general Objects(Like walls and Signs). The goal is to provide a lot of tools to the Commander so he can structure his “Campaign” how he wishes to.

More information will be provided after the application process.

Tasks will be given out over our internal Trello Board.

The project will start out as an Unpaid Project and will after finishing the Prototype we will move forward and Start setting up Revenue Share plans for everybody involved.


  • Git Experience
  • 5+h/w free to spend on the Project
  • 3+ Months Experience with UnrealScript(c++)
  • 6+ Months Experience with Unreal Engine
  • Knowledge on hot To apply the SRP(Single responsibility Principle)
  • UE4 Networking Experience


If you are interested in joining the Team contact me with your prior work experience on Discord @Dollon#6083

If you want to apply for another position not Listed please contact me with your prior work experience.