UE4 C++ Help

First of all, I’d like to know where I can learn C++ for UE4. I have a background in Java so I’m comfortable in programming and I need a place to start learning.

Also whats wrong with this code? Xcode tells me theres an error at the UFunction line:

Hello, I was in the same position as you :smiley: three months ago,so as a fellow java programmer I recommend you first to review a tutorial about C++ Object Oriented without ue4 library since there are difference between java and c++(70% of the stuff probably you already know,but there are some things like pointers,call by value,etc that you may be not familiar with),after that you can go for the ue4 c++ tutorial starting a new project from zero (since for me it was easy to catch the things on fly).The downside is that there aren’t so many c++ ue4 tutorials on web as far as I know but they do have some nice youtube series in c++ and a shooterGame that you can download as example :). As for xcode IDE I’m not very familiar with it but my guess is that you didn’t use correctly the macro or importing problems.Best of luck :stuck_out_tongue:

@Whalo, include the code snippet so people can see.

Java is a C syntax language, so for the most part the syntax is very similar. Like Desfrau said, pointers, pass by reference versus pass by pointer, or value is the main difference.

Scroll down to C++ and Engine source, there are tutorials here: