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Forum Thread for my products:

Locomotion System:

  • Foot IK: A Skeletal Control Node for correct foot placement using IK

  • Passive Ragdoll: An Actor Component for a Passive Ragdoll System (Currently not available!)

  • Animation Warping: Speed and Orientation Warping for realistic character movement

  • Distance Matching: An Actor Component for realistic Start, Stop and Rotation (Currently not available!)

  • Mantling System: An Actor Component for a Mantling System

  • Riding System: An Actor Component for a Riding System

Known Issues:

  • In Standalone Mode, Animation Nodes cause character to return to Base Pose and freeze. This issue seems to happen with all of the marketplace plugins.

Foot IK:

  • This plugin may not function correctly with custom skeletons, depending on the difference of the bone positions, indexes and proportions.

Animation Warping:

  • This plugin may not function correctly with custom skeletons, depending on the difference of the bone positions, indexes and proportions.

Distance Matching:

  • Applying same Animation Modifier to the same Animation twice will cause unexpected results. Please remove the previously applied one without reverting the changes before.

[Foot IK #1]

Animation Graph is replicated by default. I have tried to disable replication of my Foot IK plugin multiple ways. So far, only time i was successful was when “Replicate Movement” in Replication section of Character Blueprint was disabled.

Hello. I am the one having issues with replication. This is my first post on here so will need to be cleared before anyone see’s it most likely.

The project where I am not seeing replication is quite clean as it was started to test out replication on combat moves.
That is working btw, so for me the next step was to get replication working on IK with your plugins help but this is not working. I really doubt the project has anything blocking your code as like I said replication does work on my combat and should also work for IK if what you say is true.

I will test some more and let you know.

I did test this with a fresh TPP UE4 project and it worked fine. I then Changed the default skeletal Mesh (retargeted) as thats really the only difference and that seems to work too now.
I’m not really sure what the issue was with the initial error I reported as all relevant replication options were enabled and the mesh is the same as the one I just tested again that worked.

[Foot IK #2]

Great to read that you have sorted it out. And thanks for your feedback. I am sure it will be very helpful for other users. Hope you enjoy my plugin!

p.s: sorry for my delayed answer here. I just didnt get notified with your message here. I am going to change my forum settings, so that next time someone posts a message here, i will hopefully get an email notify.

Hey, I just bought all your plugins and have a query about the Ragdoll. I can’t seem to get the ‘get up’ animation montages to work. I can’t see any set up details in your video or documentation and wonder if you could give a brief summary of how to set it up. Sorry if I have actually missed this somewhere and congrats for some great plugins.

[Passive Ragdoll #1]

Hello, thank you for your support.

I have made a small video about how to set up and use montages for Get Up Animations in Passive Ragdoll: https://youtu.be/ZfRzhlsS1RQ

Basically, for Montages to play you have to Retarget the Animation to your Skeleton first. After you have an Animation connected to your Characters Skeleton, you will "Create An Anim Montage". They will be in the group Default by default. You have to connect DefaultSlot Group Node to your Animation Graph for Montages to play. In the Passive Ragdoll Component you will have slots for forwards and backwards Animations. There you can select the appropriate Animation. Note that in the video i havent mentioned how to Retarget to make an Animation connect to your Skeleton. I assumed that you already have the Get Up Animations connected to your Characters Skeleton. If not, i would be happy to explain that part, as well.

I would be happy to assist any further, if this does not solve your problem or if you will have any more questions.

Hey, thank you very much. I was so close and just forgot to add the DefaultSlot Node. All working now so thanks again. I have also got the Foot IK plugin up and running and will give the Animation Warping a go some time soon.

Have a great weekend

Great to read that it is now running for you. Please let me know if you experience any problems with my plugins in the future. Thank you and i wish you a great weekend, too.

Hello my friend, I recently bought your asset and It is really nice but my problem is that my footstep effects are in Niagara System, may can you add this option ? I can only set ParticleEffects but I don’t have this :confused:

Hello, i have answered your question in the Questions section of my plugin. To avoid multiple threads, lets continue this discussion there.

Hi, I just asked about a demo and you said you are working on a complete locomotion system? I’m curious, do you have a roadmap?

Hey, yes it is almost over. FootIK, PassiveRagdoll, AnimationWarping, DistanceMatching i have already published. I am working on a MantlingSystem right now and it will be the 5th and the last one. Whole system should be completed this month. You can then have a complete realistic locomotion system with any AnimSet after a maybe 30 to 60 min setup in total.

Wow, nice work! I’m looking forward to seeing the mantling. I’m curious, are you planning to extend beyond that? For example: Free-climbing, ladder climbing, rope climbing, swimming, etc. Also, are you planning to sell them all together in a bundle with a discount once you complete mantling?

Currently i am not planning these.

Ok, what about a bundle discount after you complete mantling?

First i want to make sure that every single plugin is complete and performing well before promoting them as one system and see what issues i can and cant fix upon user feedback. And the limit of what they can and cant do. I am getting several emails daily, but cant fix all the issues, mostly when the user is trying to use the system with a fairly different skeleton than UE4 default one. So, i have to see the reception and get some feedbacks first before selling a more expensive plugin system. Last thing i want is that people buy it and then discover that they cant use it in their projects properly for example with a different skeleton. I encourage refunds for these kind of situations all the time but still i would rather be able to warn before. And to be able to do that, i have to know myself in what ways my systems are used. I will keep your suggestion in mind. Thank you.

Thanks. That makes sense. You probably already considered this, but a discord channel might save you some tech support time.

Yes, you are right. I am planning to open a Discord Server, in which users can share their experiences.

How can we manually activate into Ragdoll?