UE4 C++/Blueprint Programmer

Hello everyone!
My name is Eugene and I am a game developer.
I am currently looking for a job or a project to join.
I would love to work on a VR game. Also interested a lot in multiplayer games.

Skillset: C++/Blueprint Programmer

  • C++/Blueprint
  • Unreal networking
  • 5+ years in game industry
  • Strong programming skills in C# and AS3
  • Solid understandment of Game Design principles
  • VFXs creation
  • Project management, Agile

Previous Work:
3D Tower Defense Game for iOS/Android/Steam - ‎Ember Guards on the App Store
Project was made by 2 people. So i had to do a lot of stuff besides programming like: business management, SFX, game design.
Some minor stuff made with Unreal: Apparition - Google Drive

List of projects and more info about me -

E-mail: evgeny.negin()
Skype: leprekond

Additional Information:

  • Can travel.
  • Paid or rev-share.
  • Highly interested in VR development.

Do not hesitate to contact me on any matter. Quick chat will give us a better idea about each other.

hey man i have a pretty neat project you mite want to take a look at. i really need a programmer!

Updated profile. In search now.

Please check your PM.

What does LFW mean? Just wondering

It means Looking For Work.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Messaged / Emailed.