UE4 Building for Android on x86

Is there any way to force UE4 to compile for x86? I know Epic has said UE4 will support Android on x86, but I don’t see any way to do it in 4.3.1.


Edit: Also I’d love to hear how Tappy Chicken got running on the ARM translator. It runs fine on my RAZR i via Intel’s ARM translator. When I build it myself, it fails on my RAZR i - despite my build of Tappy running fine on other ARM devices. Going to give 4.4 Preview a test later today, will report back if that improves things…

Okay, progress. 4.4 Preview does work with the ARM translator on most Intel Android smartphones. Got Tappy Chicken working properly.

Still no sight of an Android/x86 build target or option. Is it something I can force, or is it just not available yet?