UE4 BUG? Sequencer no longer firing events v4.21.1

Sequencer had no problem firing my event until about a week ago, it just stopped cold turkey.

After setting up Sequencer and the events I wanted it to fire I hadn’t touched it since. Everything was working perfectly.

One event was being used to pause and then stop a media player, the other was being used to trigger an event that spawned the player.

After realizing the events where no longer being fired, I set up a Print String Node to each event within the sequencer just to be sure and got nothing on the output.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated!

Duplicating the Sequence, renaming it and setting up the event triggers again seemed to solve the issue but doesn’t explain why this happened in the first place. Still a possible bug imo.

If just duplicating the sequence doesn’t work, create a new sequence then copy/paste sequence items into the new sequence and setup your events again.