UE4 Browser Game


My client has asked me to make a browser based version of the game that I’m producing for him. I’m just wondering will i need to develop the game for the IOS for optimization and then embed the game in the browser (I’m not doing the code for that, apparently another team will handle that) Or is it currently impossible with the version of UE 4.6 to do it as a browser game?

Many Thanks

Hi Mrfantasticghost,

With the release of 4.7, (scroll down to HTML5 AND WEBGL Support section) you can now package and run your game in a Web browser through the binary tools you get through the Launcher. Here is a video with more information.

Have you checked out the developing for HTML5 options? I can’t advise on if this would be easier for your use than having the code to embed the already created iOS game into the browser, but I did want to mention that it is an option.

Hope this helps!