UE4 Blueprint Multiplayer, can't join session

Hey all.

So I’ll cut the chase. I’m having issues with this tutorial series regarding joining a session. My testing conditions are as follows; two different PC’s, two different Steam accounts, connected to the same internet, running the game in stand alone. I have one PC host the session and the other try to join (duh). The only problem seems to lie with joining the session. The search finds the session to join, but when I hit the accept button to join it, it pops up with the error dialogue and a forever running loading screen in the background.

I have gone back several times, checking the blueprints against the tutorial to no avail; my blueprints are correct as far as I can see, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Below is a gif of what happens when I try to join a session:

Below are screenshots of (I think) the relevant code:

So yeah, I’m very stuck with this. If you need anything else (more screenshots, a more thorough gif/video, defaultengine.ini lines), just let me know and I’ll upload it as soon as I can. Thanks in advance.


I followed the same “blueprint multiplayer” tutorial and I litterally have the same problem:

2 PCs with 2 Steam accounts up and running Standalone version of my game and it “Fails to join session”. I also want to add that i cannot create a 2nd session while the first one is running (on create session: failed).

I have listen option when i open lobby,
i find the right session,
my defaultengine.ini is set,
my steam plugin added to the project,
i’m using seamless travel in my lobby game mode,
i’m using 4.18.3,
and my lobby game mode ISNT gamemodebase.

So… what else is there to check?

Thanks in advance.

After completing the last video of this tut’, i get a network error “pending connexion failed” when i try to connect my laptop to my hosted session (or vice versa, doesnt matter).

Its only after this error that i cant create session again.

Any clue would be welcomed.


utakia,I have the same problem as you. Have you solved it now