[ue4][blueprint] Delegate pin doesn't connected

before question, i ask for your understanding for my bad english, because i am korean…
i want to connect ‘RespawnPlayer’'s delegate pin to ‘Bind Event to OnDestroyed’, but there is only a error.
what should i check? other nodes are works well…


again, sorry for my bad english. and i’m really want to your answers.
thank you.

Your event has not the right Parameters. Type Assign On Destroy it will create you the Binding and a Event with the right Parameters.

실전게임 제작으로 배우는 언리얼 엔진 책보면서 저도 따라하다가 같은 문제를 만났는데
위에 링크 영상처럼 이벤트 빨간 네모박스에서 끓어와서 해보니까 저도 해결됐어요
도움이 돼길 바래요.