UE4 Blueprint and Game Developer

Project Title: Genome

Description: Sci-Fi FPS Action RPG

State of the art: FPS included, realtime Global Illumination, UnrealWorldScape (our landscaping system)

Company: K-Storm-Studio LTD.

Target: Game PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series

I’m the founder of K-Storm-Studio LTD currently developing few projects, in particular “Genome” a new Sci-Fi FPS Action RPG. After years of experience as a digital artist and on stage I’ve now founded my company and I want to create extremely high standard quality products. Genome is one of them.
I’m looking for people with good skills and strong ambitions.

Responsibilities :

  • Develop Blueprint AI and in-engine controllers
  • Extend game capabilities
  • In-engine cinematic animation and scene assembly
  • General In-engine clean-up
  • Aptitude for programming and good UE knowledge
  • Team working skills

Advantages :

  • Be part of a new team
  • Earn from products, merchs and brands
  • Create your own products
  • A friendly, extremely passionate and relaxed environment
  • Be part of the upcoming crazy company events

K-Storm-Studio LTD
It is a start up founded before the CO-VID period, where experience, talent and skill mean passion for creating awesome products that we call dreams. K-Storm-Studio is a game and soundtrack production studio now proudly based in London. If you want to make your dreams come true, there is no other place.
Are you in?

London based developers?

As you can read in the ads K-Storm-Studio is a start-up, even if it’s born from a long and robust experience. We want to produce our products and games, then distribute and promote them.
I’m assembling a crew and growing a start-up company born before the covid period. As a company we are currently not hiring in this ads. I’m also looking for day to day developers or freelance developers but in this case, I’m now looking for people who wants to work in developing game projects for the next few months. This position is high royalty based but it is not weekly paid. This apart we can also get funds from campaigns or potential investors but it is not sure. This because I need a couple of people to manage the work while I’m not present in the company or I cant follow a specific project for a while. The benefits will be of course highs.

Please contact me back if this is suitable for you
Khappa MJ