UE4 BlockChain Coin, UECoin

I love trading crypto-currencies and I also love making video games in the Unreal Engine. I wanted to combine the two somehow so I figured of an idea that might work. i’m posting this here because i liked the idea and if i have time in the future or if someone else likes my idea and has time they could try it.

Each game in the above list created and released by UE4 would represent 1 million UE tokens (cancelled don’t count), it would probably run on the Ethereum, Omni, or bitcoin blockchains. This way the tokens are backed by real hard work of both indie and professional game developers. Value would be created every time a game is made (1 million UE tokens added to the ledger) but if you lose a token it’s gone forever so that would combat any inflation. You could not mine the coins, only way to add them would be through a verified network of users who agreed you made the game using Unreal Engine, kind of like how other ICO’s release their tokens to the public over time. Epic could use these tokens for contests or other places for developers to use in their own games so the ledger grows.

Let me know what you think and if there are any ways to achieve this or just to ponder the possibilities.

Can you say more… 1 million UE tokens added to the ledger by who, as in who pays for it? - Taking a step back… The challenge right now is uncertainty. Go back to circa 2000 with Netscape, Infospace, Altavista and Excite etc etc. How many of those survived… The post Dot-com crash startups really became the big winners. Will the same thing happen with crypto etc???

So the 1 million coins can be changed to represent another number if its more realistic but basically you would get the coins through initial investor donations and campaigns. Then you could see how large of an infrastructure you could set up from what was given to you and go from there. One example is the recent Verge donation campaign, if you have been reading about it, it has had some controversy but they were still able to raise money.

I did some research and it looks like there is already a crypto currency for gaming,

Now my idea was specifically for Unreal Engine since Enjin looks like its for all games. I do see your point about the dot-com bubble and crash. Personally I have no issues investing money i can’t afford to lose, to me its more about the project itself rather then the potential to make more money. The hard thing with crypto is that you could have a great coin idea or concept but if the team behind it gets lazy or losses interest then its game over, but that’s common in all aspects of life. People have to put the time and work to build it up but it takes just as much if not more to keep it running for years and years.

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