UE4 - Beginner Questions - landscape/layer/materials

hi, my name is Staazvaind and i am totally new to UE.

i am recently moving my project from cryengine to unreal engine and i got some questions
with which i got stuck in fighters tutorial video and/or reading in the forums.


i assigned a basetexture to the terrain to help me layout my map.
now i would like to paint over it with full oppacity.
later in the process i may want to take some of the colorinformation of the terraintexture
to blend-in into my used terrain materials but that is something to just have in mind and
not urgent.

screenshot at the end of the post.

question 1:

do i understand it right, that i have to create new layers for painting in the “create new landscape tab” ?

question 2:

as to be seen in the screenshot i used only one landscapecoord-node but in many screenshots i ve seen
there has most of the times been used one per texture. is there a reason or can i leave it this way as
i want the textures to have the same scaling ?

question 3:

in order to paint the asphalt on its own layer i added a layerweight. so far correct, or?
but in the layers tab it hasnt been automatically created. so do i have to create a asphalt1 layer
manually and will the asphalt1 material be assigned to it ?


cheers and thx for your time.

  1. you have to add more layers in your material

2. when they should have the same scale, you can connect one landscape coord to several textures
3. you just have to reassign the material to your landscape then it should appear in the painting tab of the landscape tool

For question 1 = min 0-1:50 :slight_smile:

  1. does that mean if i use 15 different textures for tarrain painting i need to create them all
    in the one landscape material ?

  2. ok, good.

  3. if 1) is true than it makes sense, yeh :slight_smile:

  1. yep, you will have to create all of them in one material


redid the landscape-material and was able to paint the two different layers.
next day all of the sudden everything kept being black except one stroke of
the second layer and a bit of the first layer that was surrounding.

now i cant paint anymore, it keeps staying black.

and my material setup:

any clue whats happening there?

I sometimes also have this problem -> I just have to reassign the material

tried that - didnt help.

so i changed “your” layerblendweight nodes with layerblend nodes but it didnt help as well.

layer 0 is painting in black while
layer 1 is painting the asphalt like it should be (+the smooth transition to layer0)

deleting layer 1 and directly painting layer 0 works but is not what i want.
tho how should i define layer weightings?

just repeating what i try to do:

  • i got a satellite picture of an afghan city which i want to use as layout draft.
  • painting over it streets and environmental information/coloring
  • at the end i want the foto just to blend over the other textures SLIGHTLY to have color-variance
    but this needs to be done after i painted over it for the map-layout.

/edit: on this point cryengine is definitely more intuitive

Would be good if you could post a picture of material -> or send me the material/texture with Skype and I will take a look at it :slight_smile:

ok, this is getting really frustrating and (too) time consuming now.

  • i deleted the whole landscape and created a new one.
  • then i assigned the material to it and the landscape gets covered
    with the layer0 colormap:


then i select layer 1, the asphalt texture, to draw it over well, streets and
the surrounding quads change to black.

if i want to paint the layer 0 by hand it turns out black as well.


this is the recent material setup like i sent you via skype: