UE4 Beginner looking to chat

Been playing around with UE4 for a couple Weeks now. Ive been trying to get my friends into UE4 to learn with me but either not interested or just not able too i ended up by myself. Basically i’m here looking for someone to kinda just chat with that is also a beginner maybe… I’ve always found it more fun/helpful to be able to bounce ideas of another person and just be able to talk about UE4 in general. Im a from US with Central Standard Time. Lets learn together!

Also looking for someone to chat with, if you have discord, my discord is Bits#3411

in 1999 if you want to talk about something with someone there was plenty of choice now that everyone has the internet It’s hard to have a party of 4 for a VR game too many things too much choice too many hackers