UE4 basic vehicle template into UE5


i’m trying to setup AI vehicles in my 3rd person project in UE5. As most of the tutorials online are working with the UE4 vehicle template(s), is there a way to import the UE4 vehicle template content into UE5?
Alternatively, what are the corresponding UE5 vehicle objects that are representing the UE4 basic vehicle objects?


Yes it is possible .
Get your project from unreal engine 4 and open it with unreal engine 5
Go to plugins , disable ChaosVehicles plugin and enable PhysxVehicle.
Restart Your Project And You’ll Be Good To Go.

Hi - is there a way to do this without first creating a UE4 engine project (i only have UE5 installed for now)?

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Yes you can open the project directly into UE5 And enable physx vehicle plugin, also disable chaos vehicle plugin to avoid errors