UE4 basic static meshes or using my own static mashes for design level ?

HI everyone .

I’m just start working with UE4 and I was watching some Tutorials for makes my self ready to know UE4 and in one of them the person who makes them said its better using your own meshes for designing a level things like walls and floors and … I just wants to know why ? I know I most use my own character and other meshes I was create them before and now I start working with UE4 .

is there any problem with unreal engine 4 basic static meshes ? is it making a game more heavy using basic static meshes for walls and floors and … ? is there any rule for make these things in MAYA or other softwares?

thanks .

I think you mean the BSP brushes? -> they are not so good for the performance, that’s why you should use own static meshes made in a 3d program :slight_smile:

yes,exactly thanks .:slight_smile: