UE4 - autumn

Hello there :slight_smile:

Here’s simple autumn scene.

2 types trees have 911 poly total :slight_smile:

set for nature scene :slight_smile:

Regardless the rock and the stretched textures, it is fabulous !!! Thanks for my new desktop background :wink:


So beautiful, I have a thing for woodland scenes. Hope to see more of your work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Thanks for your positive feedback on my work! :slight_smile:

ROFL…sorry…I just had to laugh when I saw your second screenshot with Sun shining through the birch trees.

It reminded me of “modern” Canadian art (paintings) that people here seem to be willing to pay for that made are by artists who specialize in this specific topic.

Else, your work is pristine and I think you should try selling prints to Canadians - you’d be surprised at a number of people that would pay for them. :slight_smile:

Great scene as always :smiley: