UE4 Auto Create Actor when multi ...


I have some trouble when i use network in Unreal engine 4 :

I had follow the network tutorial BP on youtube, and when i launch the game, i open the “MyCharacter” BP which parent class is “Character” and in the Debug filter i choose “Client 1” and in the list of Actor can see 4 “My_Character_CXX” where XX is a number, But i have only 1 server and one client , so 2 player only.

This problem is a big issue for me, because in an other project i try to get all player on the map (I use the “get All Actor of class”, but maybe this is not the good way ? ) but i got 4 element in the Out Actors array return by the “get all actor of class” node. Two of them are my 2 player and to other … I don’t know what they are.

Can you say me :

  1. If i am on the good way to get all player in the map (with “get All Actor of class”)
  2. Why i got 4 Instance of my character when just 2 player are on the map and how avoid this (or how ignore them in my “get All Actor of class”)

I hope somebody will be able to answer me :slight_smile: